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mccallroleplays said: "I’m in love with you."


It all started out rather innocently, Scott’s parents had both taken night shifts, so she offered to come over and make dinner, because  things were calm for the moment, they might as well take it for their advantage. While money was tight, she was able to get a few things to make a stir-fry, one of the things she had mastered and hey, it was all fully cooked so this was an improvement. She had gotten to the McCall household around 4 that afternoon, and things… okay they might have gotten a little distracted, but unlike most couples it ended with them wrapped up in each other on the couch, the Alpha’s head pressed against her chest, fast asleep as she ran her fingers through his hair.

She wasn’t angry, she knew he had been having trouble sleeping, with the list, having a beta, Peter… she was surprised he was able to make it through the day. Kira happily stayed still on the couch, watching the game show channel on low, every so often press the carefullest of kisses to his temple. And okay, maybe she snapped a picture of the two, but that would be her secret only- he just looked so peaceful, she wondered what he was dreaming of, what gave him that look of peace across his face.

Looking up at the clock, she saw it read 7pm and laughed, slowly moving Scott against the couch, picking up her sweater that was thrown over the floor from earlier, but decided on pulling on his flannel shirt, bringing the collar to her nose to take in his scent, a smile crossing her lips. Being as quiet as she could, she started to make dinner, cooking the rice, the chicken, the vegetables, it was coming along perfectly. But soon she started to drift into her own little world as she put everything together in the pan, singing to herself, maybe throwing in a few dance moves, she wasn’t going to lie- she was much of a loser sometimes.

Being stuck in her head, she jumped when arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer and only once it clicked in her mind it was Scott- she let out a breathless laugh,

"Don’t do that to me, it scared m-"

She was cut off but those 5 words, nearly dropping the bottle of soy sauce in her hands but was quick to recover, her hands moving to press against the ones that were now on her stomach, turning her head to press against his cheek, lips pressing against his jawline.

"I’m in love with you too….."



TW couples being super adorable in 3x08  


scott touched the butt.



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Reblog if you want a season two of hollywood heights.

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I honestly get so annoyed when people bash scira because, “It was only 2 months since Allison died.” With the time-line of the show, we have no idea how long it was since Allison had died, but the fact that people think Scott has ‘gotten over’ Allison, baffles me. You think he doesn’t think of…