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coach thinks kira and scott are having sex and kira and scott wish they were having sex

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otherbully1 apparently I misread your headcanon but here is a thing I wrote. Lol

Scott slides open the loft door slowly, he’s a mix of cautious and nervous because last time he came here -calling Derek in advance he might add- Derek and Braeden were shoved up close against the couch…


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Anonymous said: Scott tells kira how much he's fallen in love with her since he first saw her


Kira was usually very confident about her relationship. She knew exactly how Scott felt about her but in those small moments of hearing girls talk about her she felt weak and it would sometimes damage her confidence. Today was especially bad, she had PMS and because of that she didn’t feel her best and she was very emotional.

She was getting out of the locker rooms after getting changed from Lacrosse where she heard a group of popular girls talking about Scott, this usually didn’t affect her because she knew a lot of girls found him attractive. But today was different, the girls were right outside of Kira’s locker and she could hear her name being bought up more than once.
"Why is he with her? Scott’s totally a 10 and well Kira is a 7" "It’s totally a waste that he’s settled for her, I mean he could have anyone in the school and he goes for her!?" "Just such a shame, maybe we could talk him round?" the main girl said with a wink as they walked off obviously deciding on a plan.

Kira started to believe what these girls were saying, why was he with her? She was totally embarrassing when they had their first conversation and she was such a klutz sometimes, she wasn’t that beautiful compared to other girls and most of the times she just couldn’t believe a guy like him has feelings for her. She was meant to go over to Scott’s tonight for a movie night but she didn’t feel up to it. She just wanted to hide in her room and sleep off her emotions. She sent a quick text to Scott and ran home. Today was definitely not her day.

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These two are the cutest thing ever, cutiesss 


These two are the cutest thing ever, cutiesss 


Teen Wolf 4x11 A Promise To The Dead Sneak Peek

YEEESSS !😻😻😻😩😩😩💘


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Anonymous said: prompt: scott and kira in the 4x11 promo


Sorry this took FOR-EVER. It’s been a busy week but I wanted to get it done before the next episode airs! And I apologize about the ending. I am a cruel and heartless person.

Scott only wanted the madness to pause for a moment, take a hiatus for one day. If only he could have twenty-four hours of peace to wrap his head around things and properly breathe after all the death surrounding him. He just wanted to take Kira on a real date and let her know that he wasn’t sorry, that he wanted this - whatever this was - to work. He knew of her apprehensions with Allison’s death, and it hurt him to think of her and feel guilty around Kira, but being without Kira gave him that same guilt that knotted his stomach. Allison would have wanted him to be happy, and Kira made him happy. He was pretty sure he made her happy too. 

You fall in love more than once... His mother’s words echoed through his mind and he couldn’t help the heavy confirmation that she was right. He couldn’t let Allison’s death keep him in the past. Not when people were dying around him and his pack needed him to be in the present.

When Kira needed him to be in the present.

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