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"Kira isn’t able to heal after berserker!Scott stabs her (in Smoke and Mirrors) and Stiles is the one find to find her, and he tries to stop the bleeding. Later, when Scott finally breaks free from Kate’s grasp, Malia tells Scott what he did while under Kate’s control. Scott finds Kira slowly…

this is so cute !😻💘

this is so cute !😻💘

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Title: Shadows

Pairing: Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura

SummaryKira feels the flutter of another ghost passing her but it’s different; the shadow has heat. She turns around to see who the heat is radiating from and feels tears well up in her eyes. She doesn’t want to believe what she sees and keeps her eyes shut tightly as she tells herself that Scott is not dead.

Chapter: 1/1

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Tyanna roberts

Anonymous said: Scott and kira talk about what happened at Derek's loft. (prompt)


Ever since that night in Derek’s loft, Scott couldn’t take his mind off of what might have happened if Kate hadn’t of interrupted. He had never really talked about sex with Kira as he didn’t want to feel as though he was pressuring her into anything but with what happened at the loft it left Scott wondering if maybe she was ready to at least talk about sex. 

Scott was worried about the conversation, he and Allison had never talked about sex it just happened, they both knew they were ready and he wanted Kira to know how he felt.
Scott had been brewing on the topic for weeks he wanted to find the right place and when they were alone so that they weren’t feeling embarrassed. He ended up blurting out “So the date at Derek’s loft” while they were watching Star Wars at his house. He knew it was the perfect timing, his mum was at the hospital and this was the first time they had been alone like this in a while.

"I had fun that night did you?" Kira asked as she cuddled up against him, she started to draw shapes over his hands which were very clammy and sweaty. "Yeah of course, but thats not what I mean…." Kira being this close to his body was making it hard for him to focus on what he was saying (He had planned exactly what he was going to say but his mind kept wandering). She sat up and looked at him, "Yeah?"

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Scott kept her steady in his arms, lowering them both down to the cold floor which was already slick with Kira’s blood. He watched the life fleeting from her eyes, speechless as disbelief struck him. “You can’t,” his voice caught in his throat. “You can’t— not you, too. Kira…” But even…

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Open - ladybubblegum - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


  • Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
  • Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
  • Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Relationships: Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura, Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate, mentions of Scott/Stiles/Malia/Kira
  • Characters: Lydia Martin
  • Additional Tags: lydia just wants her friends to be happy, discussions about cheating, Open Relationships
  • Series: Part 5 of Practice (Scott/Stiles/Malia/Kira OT4-verse)


Scott tells Kira about hooking up with Stiles and Malia. Lydia offers some valuable advice.


Tyanna roberts

Anonymous said: Kira brings scott food after lacrosse practice and he tries to kiss her but she says no because he's sweaty but he kisses her anyway. (Prompt)


Kira had badly hurt her ankle a few weeks ago during practice. She could walk on it fine but was told strictly walking which meant no sports. She missed lacrosse, even if she was new to the team it seemed as though she had really made an impact on them because when she would visit the team they would holla at her. She really wanted to support Scott so she would come to every practice and every game and be his personal supporter. 

She had been bored in the weekend and her mum had been teaching her how to cook so she decided she would attempt to makes Scott’s favourite desert, a mini double chocolate cake. She had had heaps of fun making the cake and she really hoped Scott would like it. Kira had put the cake into a tin and ran along to the practice.

As soon as she got there she knew she was late. She sat down on the bleachers and yelled out Scott’s name. His face instantly lit up and he waved back. The practice this week had been really harsh, lots of running, push ups, sit ups and drills. She knew why Coach was doing this, the team had a chance to be in the final and he really wanted them to win. 

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I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then
pairing: Scott/Kira

When Kira follows a white rabbit named Greenburg, she accidentally falls into Wonderland. Armed only with her sword, Kira has to face the weird and outlandish terrain and characters of Wonderland, while trying to find a way back home. Lucky for her, she just happens to bump into the Knight of Hearts, one of the few helpful people in the whole place, and he just happens to be a little cute.

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